Junior Tester / QA

Full time Oradea Learnvest

Skills & qualifications:

– Confidence in fighting for the quality of the project and the resulting data, even at the risk of disappointing the client with a missed deadline
– Ability to prioritize tasks and to define requirements for others
– Experience using browser consoles to inspect websites and troubleshoot issues with related scripts
– Bachelor’s degree
– Medium knowledge in working with Excel and Google Sheets
– English language at a good level


– Partner with members of the Engineering, Analytics, and Project Management teams to ensure the quality of projects from end to end, from initial documentation to the resulting data that is collected
– Review technical documentation to ensure it is clear and provides relevant information needed for QA
– Review the setup of analytics report suites to ensure they have been configured correctly
– Work with analysts to review reporting and ensure data is being collected accurately
– Research potential bugs in order to provide the deployment engineers with the best possible information available to narrow down the necessary changes
– Manage bug lists and work with project managers to hold other team members accountable to meeting deadlines
– Document test plans and best practices

About our client

Cognetik is a full-service digital analytics agency specializing in generating business insights and recommendations from their clients’ clickstream and offline data. Cognetik provides services to some of the largest enterprises in the world across the entire digital analytics landscape: digital analytics strategy, data collection engineering, data integration, funnel analysis, measurement plans, forecasting, regression, cluster analysis, marketing analytics and real-time personalization.

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