Operations Manager


We are seeking an analytical and numbers-oriented individual with experience in Operations Management in a setting where multiple software development projects are occurring in parallel.  Must be available during the majority of PST business hours (9am – 5pm PST).

This individual must have experience in each of the following:

– Analyzing key performance and budgetary metrics on spreadsheets.  Here is an actual screenshot of the spreadsheet where we currently do this: http://tinyurl.com/y39bf9ac (this should look familiar to you)

– Project Manager managing multiple software development projects’ budgets and deadlines in parallel.

– Managing remote teams including at least part-overseas personnel

– Staffing developers and designers as ‘best fit” for a specific client’s industry, technical stack*, and personality.  This includes being the person responsible for minimizing developers’ idle hours (aka making sure that all full-time developers continually get staffed with as close to 40 hours of work per week as possible) by putting them to support other ongoing billable projects, or on value-adding but non-billable in-house projects.

– Assisting project managers with scope creep discussions

* Whether you are a software developer or not, you must understand how these modern technical frameworks work: PHP+MySQL, Django, Java, Swift, MERN, MEAN, Xamarin, Unity.

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